Machine & Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier for agricultural digital technology and advances in the technology allow for the next-level adaptability of solutions to help solve today’s complicated agricultural challenges.

6th Grain implements Machine Learning and Deep Learning, both subsets of Artificial Intelligence. By integrating these A.I approaches with our existing processes, our products are able to continually improve crop health predictions without external guidance or intervention.

Features & Benefits

Cloud Removal & Gap Fill

Our implementation of Deep Learning allows for cloud removal and gap filling to streamline the user experience and greatly reduce the risk of user frustration due to clouds, missing data and the need to re-enter field information (crop type, planting date) every season for the same field.

Intelligent Land Use Categories & Crop Types

We use Deep Learning to automate crop identification and land use categorization, including identifying fields in cultivation soon after the start of the season. Our Deep Learning algorithms take very few samples and create very high quality classification of different land covers. While Deep Learning does require many training data points, accuracies can be as high as 95%.

Deep Learning for Field Boundaries

Our use of Deep Learning to pre-digitize field boundaries addresses one of the biggest issues faced by users and providers in the ag tech space – the input of field boundaries and associated field data by the user. Simply put, users would rather not manually digitize their fields and input the field data themselves. Deep Learning allows us to provide solutions where the user only needs to provide the location of their field in the region.

Remote Sensing

6th Grain uses state of the art algorithms to transform raw geospatial remote sensing imagery into information for our solutions. Our remote sensing sources include: Sentinel 2a/b, Sentinel 1 biomass, Landsat, MODIS, VIIRS, NOAA geostationary, fires, and of course weather observations (GPM, and others).

Features & Benefits

6G Index

Our unique, proprietary 6G Index is a key component in our Crop Health and Productivity products. Developed by 6th Grain to help our solutions calculate vegetation density,  productivity, and yield. Due to its sophisticated composition, the 6G Index helps take our products to the cutting edge of ag tech solutions.

Simulated Growth Index

Available in our Crop Health & Productivity products, the Simulated Growth Index provides users with a field productivity estimate. The Simulated Growth Index is calculated based on the target field's current season 6G Index trajectory and past observations from the relevant fields.


Thanks to our flexible and varied satellite weather data sources, we transform complex weather data into actionable disease risk probability with access to gridded weather forecasts with 4 kilometer resolution.

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