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We provide agribusinesses, government agencies, and farmer organizations information data systems and online solutions using focused local data to strengthen the agricultural system, derive data insights, drive evidence-based decisions, and to improve productivity for actors along the agriculture value chain.

6th Grain’s satellite imagery allows me to have a single source of dependable data. It’s more accurate. At the 10-meter resolution, it’s 10 times or 100 times more accurate than if you just ask a couple of farmers and make an extrapolation to the whole country. These days, with cloud processing technologies, we can produce this amount of data in good time, to produce good, reliable statistics that people can work with. So 6th Grain’s data is absolutely key for me.

Mario Kunz, Syngenta

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Our products and services are available worldwide. The breadth of our past and current engagements spans over 20 countries across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. 6th Grain’s portfolio of solutions are customizable to client needs in most countries worldwide.

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