FieldFocus is 6th Grain’s modular crop health and yield management platform. Available for web and Android, FieldFocus enables farmers to digitize their fields and receive crop health data, weather information, and actionable insights. FieldFocus utilizes satellite remote sensing, client-provided specific crop, and variety information to send recommendations and alerts to help users improve yields and reduce problem response times.

FieldFocus Benefits


Deliver potential crop yield increases, loss reduction, and lower production costs


Instant access to information for growers, agronomists and managers at all levels


Data analysis for effective decision making


Plan works, logistics, and machinery in advance


Cost savings by differentiating pesticide application


Enable evaluation of pesticide effectiveness

FieldFocus Modules

Field Productivity Index

Easy-to use interactive geospatial app and web portal that allows a user to examine ag/crop suitability and productivity potential.

Disease & Pest Pressure Monitor

Focused delivery system of single crop-single disease information to smallholders via SMS or WhatsApp blasters.

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Field Performance Tracker

In-season, field-scale performance tool based on remote sensing for large commercial farming enterprises with comprehensive field-level yield and farm records.

Weeds & Fallow Fields Alerts

Remote observation of crop development using satellite remote sensing helps to identify and respond to weed infestation in extensive winter wheat fields.

FieldFocus Light - Record Keeping

Field digitizing app for smallholder farmers to facilitate keeping cost and input records to improve farm profitability.

Field Boundary Digitization

Field boundary digitization via automatic crop mapping, cadastral system or by hand by the user.

Remote Sensing Imagery

Remote sensing imagery to monitor field biomass and canopy closure.

Growth Stage Estimation

Growth Stage estimation by crop and variety, driven by local temperature and planting date.

Field Observations & Requests

The system allows to create field observations with photos and locations. Observations can also be triggered by a manager, who defines a location for an observation to be performed.

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