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6th Grain and AgroAnaliz Develop Geospatial Tools to Improve Pest and Disease Targeting

December 22, 2020


In an innovative new collaboration, 6th Grain and Ukraine’s AgroAnaliz has developed a predictive platform that will enable improved engagement and understanding of pests and diseases across Eastern Europe and Russia. AgroAnaliz is a full-service agronomic consulting company with offices in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, with new offices to soon be opened in Azerbaijan and Belarus.  Combining AgroAnaliz’s agronomist and technician experience with 6th Grain’s geospatial tools and modeling expertise will allow us to provide a full range of services.

In collaboration with 6th Grain, AgroAnaliz will provide digital tools and services to improve pest and disease management. Services 6th Grain provides include digitizing fields, delivery of information via web application, agronomic support, and consultative services that are facilitated via mobile device.

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