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6th Grain’s Innovative UPL-Sinagro Soybean Rust Monitoring Tool

November 28, 2020


In collaboration with UPL, 6th Grain has launched a soybean rust monitoring tool for the Sinagro Group, a major distributor of farm inputs in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. Sinagro, and its affiliated agricultural producer 3SB Produtos Agrolas S.A., are using the 6th Grain predictive tool to improve the management of soybean rust in their clients’ fields.

6th Grain’s state-of-the-art analytical platform provides strategic awareness and growing conditions prediction for soybean rust. The disease is caused by the biotrophic fungus Phakopsora pachyrhizi, which if left untreated, can cause an estimated crop yield loss of up to 90%. The soybean rust system provides early warning of changing conditions that enables growers to strategically apply prophylactic fungicide earlier or later than previously planned, resulting in yield protection and increased income.

6th Grain’s predictive geospatial modeling system has previously been implemented for commercial tomato farmers in Egypt and is being expanded into Algeria to support potato farmers.  Knowledge of fungal disease prevention practices, including weed control, crop rotation, and use of disease-tolerant soybean varieties will reduce the impact of rapidly changing growing conditions on fungal disease impacts. 6th Grain’s modeling and crop health monitoring are key for a strong response to changing environmental conditions.

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