Smoke & Hazards

6th Grain’s Smoke & Hazards platform provides immediate and direct information for growers, distributors and salespeople to manage risk from smoke and fire during the fire season. We provide information via the platform to provide the following products to help improve decision making and reduce risk.

Data for Managing Sensitive Crops


Identify the most effective time to combat weeds


Plan herbicide application according to Spray Calendar


Daily smoke data presented, along with past seven days


Air quality observations

Smoke Hazards

Active fire polygons and fronts

Zoomable across multiple scales

Burned area maps

in key agricultural regions from satellites

Asset risk

Gives capability to put client and distributor buildings, warehouses, vehicles at risk for specific locations

Available Air quality particulates PM 2.5 maps

and air quality index maps and time series

Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD)

surface data from GOES and VIIRS sensors

Additional Hazards



High Winds

Heavy Snow

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